Brooklands Concorde Nose Lower/Raise

I rarely have an actual holiday from work, but I recently decided to have a proper 2 weeks off and spend time going to museums as my holiday and it was highly enjoyable.

The last day of my holiday I decided to go to the Brooklands Museum near Weybridge and on that day there was a special aviation event taking place. At the same time Concorde was being prepared and one lucky visitor in a raffle got to sit in Concorde’s cockpit and activated the electrical hydraulic system for its nose.

You see, this particular Concorde is unique in that its a full production aircraft that flew but never entered public service and ended up being used mostly as spare parts for British Airways. But before the eventual public retirement of Concorde from public service, this particular example didn’t suffer the fate as the other Concorde’s in that as part of those agreements, they were completely de-certified to fly by deliberately sabotaging many of the systems that made Concorde fly.

This example however didn’t have its hydraulic systems sabotaged under that agreement but volunteers at the museum managed to work and finally activate the hydraulic systems using the original equipment that was still used on the aircraft. Imperial War Museum, Duxford, recently had its nose lowered but used external power systems to make that work. So seeing this one was highly unique in the way it was done.

It was certainly one of the highlights of the day and during my 2 weeks on holiday.