Personal Website Review… Not Good News

I thought I take the time to talk about something that I have been considering for a few years. Shutting down my website and e-mail under my my domain name. This came about because of a general sense of feeling that for the past couple of years the cost of running the website has increased massively and more recently unexpected costs from the web host provider has made me decide to review the website as a whole.

In general, I enjoy having a website, but more and more recently I haven’t actually used the website to keep in touch with the world as well as tell. Originally setup to help prospective employers get a sense of who I am to the aviation and aerospace industry, today, the focus has been to be more general.

Sadly unexpected costs as well as a lack of time and effort to maintain both my website and e-mail has been too much and until now has been heavily under-utilized. The decision to review it really came about after paying off the web host for my website to be stored but being stung with extra costs that I was truly unsure about.

The e-mail in particular has been more of a target for spammers and I get more spam mail than actual e-mail messages and more recently have been actively not using the domain e-mail to send or receive messages.

As I’ve said before, I have mainly used the website to be a shop front to employers to see who I am but frankly the time and costs associated with running a website has become increasingly clear that I wasn’t getting much value. My social network sites like LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube and Facebook Pages are perhaps more valuable than this website alone and there’s not much cost to it except for Flickr.

Until such time, I will continue with this website until I basically do an update to this blog post.