HMS Belfast

Joined in 2008 to help improve my job employability after leaving university, I have worked on the 40mm BOFOR gun mount, 4-inch gun mount (including general maintenance and inspection), 6-inch gun mount maintenance and inspection, Close Range Blind Fire Director (CRDFD), 6-inch gun director.

I would often provide my services to help conserve and sometimes restore exhibit projects as mentioned but also to help provide multimedia photographic and video support to help show what volunteers can and have done.

I would also sometimes help the Head of Conservation and Facilities manager to help introduce new volunteers to what activities and conservation work volunteers do day to day as well as helping to adjust to the ship itself.

I enjoy massively the interaction with the volunteers, staff and public visitors helping to be part of a team and help demonstrate my learned knowledge over the years about the ship to a wider public.

RAF Museum (2009 – 2019)

Joined in 2009 to expand and develop my aerospace education background I have worked on a crashed Halifax Bomber, conserved and restored a Trolley Accumulator (including electrical generator engine) and currently working on a long term Access Database project with the Vehicle Team. From time to time I would provide multimedia support in helping to show what volunteers can and have done.

Volunteering at the RAF Museum is similar in that I would offer my support to other volunteers and staff as well as general interaction with the public visitors to the museum.