Making The Most As A Passenger… To Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific Passenger Views

I’ve just recently been on a family centric trip to Hong Kong. What’s interesting for me is that it is the first time in 18 years since I last set foot in Hong Kong, it’s the first time I flew alone and it’s the first time I had taken photos on an airline.

Cathay Pacific Passenger Views

I couldn’t resist not take my camera with me and it was a good decision because as you can see, I got the most of the flight times and more importantly, discover the approach into Hong Kong International Airport and knew that with this kind of approach I would get some fantastic, albeit, hazy view of Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific Passenger Views

With the approach into Hong Kong really starting at Flight Level 180 (FL180), the aircraft in effect went around Hong Kong to position itself onto the landing runway and with that the aircraft in effect circled Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific Passenger Views

For me, seeing Hong Kong from this view was incredibly emotional for me, more so because I’m seeing family for the first time in almost two decades and when you consider that a photo says a thousand words, this leaves me speechless.

Cathay Pacific Passenger Views - Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH/HKG)

Upon landing, I just kept taking photos where I can and was keenly an aircraft spotter, not lost on my fellow passengers who basically caught on very quickly who I was. But more so because of my bouncing enjoyment that we had just landed in one of the best places in the world.

Cathay Pacific Passenger Views - Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH/HKG)

Responding To New Flickr Terms & Conditions

Flickr has recently decided to no longer favorable photographic services in which I have been using as far back as 2007. Since that time I have had a Pro account but downgraded because of the service allowing 1Tb of storage of photos. Now with a recent change in terms and conditions, Flickr has now decided to remove the 1Tb limit on free accounts and to only allow 1000 photos per user.

In essence, Flickr has decided that deleting 1000 photos from users who have spent years accumulating photos is a good thing for them, personally, I see it more as a photographic betrayal of trust because I signed up to Flickr because it is popular, wide spread and more importantly a place where people can just find my photos for the benefit of others.

The photos I mainly post are aircraft that I have spotted over the years. This means that I have thousands of photos available to use and share, but with a limit of 1000 photos per user, this ultimately means that my consistency of providing photographic content on Flickr is now dead.

As Flickr will implement this draconian measure in February 2019, I have no choice but to seek alternative services that will provide the same availability and convenience similar to Flickr but not in the way Flickr has implemented it.

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Project Owl

Project Owl has been a very long term photographic night shoot project. The aim of this project is to photograph at night, mainly around London but if the opportunity arises, then anywhere else I can afford to do it, I will do it.

Photographing at night will require good sun down or early sunsets to allow me to make the most of the night, so most of the time the project has been around the November to December period.

So enjoy when I upload to Flickr some of my photos in the Project Owl album

Elizabeth Tower, Westminster Bridge
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge Side Road
Imperial War Museum Guns
Imperial War Museum Guns
City of London

Introducing Binky Airways

For those who don’t know, Binky Airways has always been present for many years. In fact, you may not have been aware that it’s used on mainly my media sites such as Flickr, Instagram and YouTube.

The name “Binky Airways” was created just before I left university to help me consolidate some of my aerospace forum and media sites that I was using at the time. Today, it helps me serve as the online media repository of my skills and activities and will continue to do so for many years to come.

City of London
Source: Flickr (Binky Airways)
Source: Instagram (Binky Airways)
Source: YouTube (Binky Airways)

Brooklands Concorde Nose Lower/Raise

I rarely have an actual holiday from work, but I recently decided to have a proper 2 weeks off and spend time going to museums as my holiday and it was highly enjoyable.

The last day of my holiday I decided to go to the Brooklands Museum near Weybridge and on that day there was a special aviation event taking place. At the same time Concorde was being prepared and one lucky visitor in a raffle got to sit in Concorde’s cockpit and activated the electrical hydraulic system for its nose.

You see, this particular Concorde is unique in that its a full production aircraft that flew but never entered public service and ended up being used mostly as spare parts for British Airways. But before the eventual public retirement of Concorde from public service, this particular example didn’t suffer the fate as the other Concorde’s in that as part of those agreements, they were completely de-certified to fly by deliberately sabotaging many of the systems that made Concorde fly.

This example however didn’t have its hydraulic systems sabotaged under that agreement but volunteers at the museum managed to work and finally activate the hydraulic systems using the original equipment that was still used on the aircraft. Imperial War Museum, Duxford, recently had its nose lowered but used external power systems to make that work. So seeing this one was highly unique in the way it was done.

It was certainly one of the highlights of the day and during my 2 weeks on holiday.